The Benefits of a Bulk Billing Doctor

Well Crest Medical Centre is a bulk billing doctor based in West Melbourne offering a range of medical services for people living in, or visiting, Melbourne.

Whether you need a simple health assessment to determine the best preventative measures based on your risks and family history, routine vaccinations, weight management or mental health care among other choices, Well Crest Medical Centre have you covered (literally!).

So why choose a bulk billing doctor?

Our team of bulk billing doctors will ask you to sign a form subsequent to the appointment and patients will be given the copy of the form. The full payment will be subsidized by the government using your Medicare benefit. Not all doctors allow patients to bulk bill, At Wellcrest we understand the everyday demand for families and believe it is vital that those that are suffering from illness doesn’t have to worry about the expense associated with seeing a doctor. By offering our GP services for you will be paid in full using your Medicare benefit. As long as you are a pensioner, or a card care holder, you can let the government support cover your doctors fee which they will receive almost 85% of their payment from your Medicare benefit. This is not just beneficial to you but also to the doctors.

A bulk billing doctor is a great choice, and by choosing a dedicated bulk billing medical centre you can rest assured that no matter which doctor you get assigned, your visit is likely to be covered and therefore not delaying your patient requirements to seek medical attention.

At Wellcrest Medical and Specialist Clinic we offer all of the following services and more;

Family Medicine

Men’s Health

Indigenous Australians Health

Chronic Disease Management

Health Assessments

Women’s Health

Children’s Health

Minor On-Site Procedures

Child & Adult Immunisations

Work Cover






Note; Appointments for our in-house Allied Health professionals include Dietician, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Podiatrist and Occupational Therapist appointments are bulk billed ONLY if the patient is under a EPC plan.  A Psychologist appointment is partially bulk billed (therefore allowing the patient to pay only an out of pocket expense   See our reception team for more information on these services

Wellcrest is pleased to announce the launch of our new Specialist Centre

Our emphasis is accessible and friendly personalised service encompassing most health needs in one location.  Our specialists have links with major tertiary hospitals such that high levels of care can be provided at a community level and supported by hospital care as required.

For a full list of current specialists please speak to our friendly staff.

Come and see the friendly, welcoming team at Well Crest Medical and trust that your health is in the hands of professionals.

Childrens Health

New View Psychology

Dr Masoud Hakimzadeh

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